S'hail 2022 to Host 180 companies from 20 Countries Monday

S'hail 2022 to Host 180 companies from 20 Countries Monday By A Robin - September 03, 2022
International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition

International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition

Activities of the sixth edition of the International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition (Shail 2022), organized by the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) and scheduled until Sep. 10, will kick off Monday with the participation of local, regional and international wide participation of 180 companies specializing in hunting weapons, hunting supplies, falcons and hunting trips representing 20 countries from different continents of the world.

The exhibition, to be attended by a number of ministries, authorities and official bodies in the country that will record a prominent presence for their great facilities and distinguished services and quality, has established its distinctive international position and has become a destination for falconry, hunting and heritage lovers from various countries of the region and the world, dedicating its role as a very important platform for displaying the latest types of weapons, hunting rifles, equipment, supplies and equipment for trips, in addition to displaying a huge selection of rare falcons of high quality and skill in hunting.

The sixth edition is characterized by an increase in the area by 20% over last year, to accommodate the increasing numbers of the most famous companies specialized in the field of hunting and falconry from Qatar, the Gulf region and the world under one roof, in addition to the most important leading local and international companies from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE as well as American and European companies and others.

S'hail exhibition, which celebrates the pioneers of falconry and lovers of hunting, is distributed over five areas, the main tent that occupies Hekma Square, where sniper supplies and equipment for hunting trips, traditional industries and handicrafts associated with hunting are displayed, in addition to the S'hail auction, and a hall for weapons companies. The third hall is dedicated to bird farms and companies for equipping of four-wheel drive cars for land and hunting trips, while the outdoor area displays the most luxurious types of touring caravans used for trips and camps, and the fifth hall, located on the southern side of Katara, was dedicated to receiving hunting weapons, rifles and ammunition, in order to avoid to facilitate the public to complete all required procedures.

This year's edition is characterized by the S'hail auction, expected to include a huge number of the best, rarest and finest falcons of various types in Qatar and the Gulf, such as Al Hurr, Peregrine (Shaheen) and Gyrfalcon, and the public will enjoy the auction of hybrid breeding birds, which will be a destination for lovers of hunting and falcon collectors.

The new edition is accompanied by a range of various cultural and artistic events and activities that culture and heritage lovers are waiting for, such as the live drawing event, in which about 12 artists from citizens and residents will participate, who will draw directly in front of the public paintings inspired by the atmosphere of the exhibition, poetry evenings, and specialized scientific lectures that provide an opportunity for falconers, people interested and visitors to learn about various experiences in the field of falconry and hatching, the exhibition also launches a series of competitions in which the public will be involved, the most beautiful pavilion and the most beautiful burqa, in addition to a new trips cooking competition dedicated to hunters, in addition to offering a bouquet of cuisines and the food that is prepared daily from game meat, which is provided by Mughal restaurant to visitors of the exhibition daily.

The organizing committee is intensifying efforts to host an exceptional edition of S'hail 2022, which is one of the most important and prominent international exhibitions specialized in this field at the level of Qatar, the region and the world, where the exhibition halls are witnessing the finalization of the pavilions of exhibiting companies and prestigious brands in the world of hunting from different countries of the world. The exhibition management has also taken a series of measures to secure the movement of entry and exit of the expected numbers of visitors smoothly, in addition to working on the development of the application S'hail to provide companies with the opportunity by opening a virtual store on the application and displaying their products and all information about them, which will have a significant impact on the process of promotion and marketing.

The sixth edition of the International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition (Shail 2022) is being held in partnership with a group of national sponsors, the most important of which is the Social and Sport Contribution Fund (DAAM) as a strategic partner of the exhibition, in addition to media partners such as Al-Kass channel, Qatar TV, Al-Rayyan channel and Voice of the Gulf radio.


By A Robin - September 03, 2022

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