QRCS Continues to Provide Qualitative Assistance to Those Affected by Situation in Sudan

QRCS Continues to Provide Qualitative Assistance to Those Affected by Situation in Sudan By A Robin - August 31, 2023


Qatar Red Crescent continues to provide humanitarian assistance aimed at alleviating the suffering of those affected by the ongoing situation in Sudan. It recently delivered a shipment of qualitative aid to the Sudanese Red Crescent, targeting vulnerable segments of society in the Nile State.

The aid included over 400 blankets, 600 diapers, women's health and special needs supplies as well as first-aid kits for children and the elderly.

Port Sudan's children's hospital received medicines and reproductive health care materials for newborns and mothers. Other medicines were also delivered to the Ministry of Health, including orthopedic surgery consumables. Supplies were also provided for minor operations at the emergency hospital in Port Sudan.

Qatari Ambassador, HE Mohammed Ibrahim Al Sada, visited the QRCSs office in Port Sudan, inspecting its departments and meeting with its staff. The team briefed them about the Red Crescent's activities during the previous period, particularly responding promptly to assist those affected by the armed conflict in Sudan via the Qatar airbridge between Doha and Port Sudan. The mission provided 250 tons of aid to 12 states, including medicines, medical consumables, medical equipment, and health and food supplies through food baskets and ready meals for displaced and stranded individuals.

Head of QRCSs Office in Sudan Dr. Salah Daak thanked the ambassador for the visit and conveyed his greetings to the State of Qatar, for their supportive stance towards Sudan and their significant assistance to those affected by the conflict, as well as confirming the readiness and preparedness of the office to continue working in the upcoming phase and implementing qualitative humanitarian interventions in coordination with local partners based on proposed Qatari initiatives in various fields.

In another context, a delegation from Al Jazirah State, led by the Director General of the Ministry of Social Welfare in Al Jazirah State minister-designate, Fath Al-Rahman Mohammed Ahmed Taha, and Humanitarian Aid Commissioner in Al Jazirah State Asaad Al Sir visited the headquarters of the Red Crescent.

During the visit, the delegation reviewed the humanitarian situation in Al Jazirah State, which hosts four million refugees who have fled the conflict in Khartoum and commended the Qatari Red Crescent and Qatar for standing with Sudan. They expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the assistance provided by the Red Crescent, particularly the free pharmacy at Wad Madani Hospital in Al Jazirah State.

Dr. Daak said that QRCS will continue its support for all affected states, with a focus on the most densely populated states with displaced people, such as Al Jazirah State, through various projects in coordination with partners. He stressed the importance of this qualitative assistance due to the large number of women, children, and elderly people among the displaced who typically have unmet specific needs.

It is worth mentioning that QRCS had transferred its headquarters from Khartoum to Port Sudan due to security conditions. They were able to deliver 250 tons of aid to 12 states in Sudan in the period that followed the outbreak of the conflict through an air bridge between Doha and Port Sudan.


By A Robin - August 31, 2023

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