Qatar Foundation schools stand with Palestine

Qatar Foundation schools stand with Palestine By A Robin - October 19, 2023
Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation

Students from Qatar Foundation schools have united to show solidarity with Palestine, hosting events across campuses. Qatar Academy Msheireb (QAM), a branch of Qatar Foundation's Pre-University Education, held a non-uniform day, inviting students and staff to don the Palestinian flag colors or traditional attire.

This event featured prayers and informative sessions. Lama Kalash, QAM's Assistant Principal, highlighted the occasion's role in promoting awareness and empathy.

She noted its aim: to stimulate constructive discussions on humanitarian issues, enabling students to discuss, question, and share. Kalash emphasized the importance of nurturing understanding and compassion, aligning with the school's core values.

This approach prepares QAM students to address global challenges and advocate for positive shifts. The ultimate goal, she added, is to cultivate informed and compassionate global citizens committed to fostering peace and justice.

By A Robin - October 19, 2023

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