Qatar Charity Implements WASH Project for IDPs in Sudan

Qatar Charity Implements WASH Project for IDPs in Sudan By A Robin - September 13, 2023
WASH Project

WASH Project

The technical teams of Qatar Charity (QC) have embarked on implementing a new qualitative project to provide drinking water, hygiene tools, and sanitation facilities to internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in the sheltering centers in Port Sudan of Sudan. The health bodies in the Red Sea State described the project as a life-saving initiative in terms of providing water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services in the IDPs camps.

This project is part of Qatar Charity's humanitarian interventions for those affected by the ongoing crisis. It includes providing safe drinking water supplies for 2,500 people for a period of 60 days, distributing 1,200 water collection and storage equipment, conducting WASH campaigns in the sheltering centers, and providing hygiene materials and supplies, as well as the maintenance of sewage facilities in some of the targeted centers.

Najlaa Ahmed Ali, the Director of the Environmental Health and Food Control Department in the Red Sea State, stated that Qatar Charity has made significant efforts to provide drinking water and promote hygiene for the IDPs. She explained that the project targets all the sheltering centers in Port Sudan, where basic services of top priority are provided to the IDPs, including the provision of pure drinking water and supervision of water chlorination through training volunteers in 12 sheltering centers.

She revealed that Qatar Charity has implemented the cleanliness campaigns, distributed hygiene tools and supplies, including the distribution of waste collection containers, conducted maintenance of sewage systems, and constructed many toilets and handwashing facilities to ensure proper sanitation. She added, "It is a substantial project with full support from Qatar Charity and it meets a significant need for the IDPs, and we consider it a life-saving project."


By A Robin - September 13, 2023

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