Pibexa Review- How reliable is Pibexa?

Pibexa Review- How reliable is Pibexa? By Hassan Raza - November 17, 2021
Pibexa Review How reliable is Pibexa

Pibexa Review- How reliable is Pibexa?

There are thousands of options at your disposal when you are looking to make an investment. But, when you want a high return on investment (ROI), there is no better option than the world of forex trading. It is recognized as one of the biggest financial markets in the world as the daily trading volume exceeds $5.1 trillion. A huge number of currency pairs can be traded in the market, which means there are thousands of trading opportunities available for those who are ready to take advantage. The best part is that you don’t have to have any prior experience or knowledge to get started. As long as you have money to invest, you can step into the market to reap the benefits.

How do you step into the market? This is where you will start searching for a broker. There are plenty of online brokers in the market and they provide traders access to the trading platform and other tools they need. The problem is that the variety of options can often be overwhelming. When you have tons of options at your disposal, it can be difficult to decide which way you should go. You cannot afford to make the wrong choice because there are lots of stories about scam and fraud brokers operating in the market.

If you end up signing for one of these, not only will your investment be at risk, but you can also become a victim of identity theft. No one wants to have to deal with such disastrous consequences and the only way to prevent them is to do your research before you finalize a broker. Not every broker in the market is a sham and there are some good ones that are capable of providing you with an excellent trading experience. During your search, you will come across the name of Pibexa, an online broker that has quickly gained a strong reputation in the market.

But, like other brokers, you have to wonder whether it is a legitimate broker or is it just a scam broker. The only way to find the answer is to take a close look at the various aspects of the broker.

Overview of Pibexa

Broker Pibexa
Website https://www.pibexa.com/
Trading Accounts Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond
Minimum Deposit €250
Assets Coverage Forex
Trading Tools Market News (Top Trades, Popular Trends, Financial News) Economic Calendar
Education and Training Yes, E-Books and News
Customer Support 24/7 support via email, phone and Contact Us form
Security Policy Know Your Customer (KYC) policy and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy
Parent Company Tarvida Industries LP, Hello Technology, FM Consulting Ltd


Pibexa is an online broker that offers forex trading services to its clients and their goal is to work in the best interests of its clients. Even though it is relatively new to the trading market, Pibexa has risen to the top of the market because of its spectacular offerings. When you invest with this broker, you cannot go wrong because it provides traders access to one of the best trading platforms in the market through which you can maximize your returns.

Owned and operated by TarvidaIndustries LP, Pibexa offers its trading services to people all over the globe. Having its headquarters in London, United Kingdom, the broker is duly registered and provides its clients with a well-rounded trading experience, thanks to their unique offerings. As mentioned earlier, the broker’s focus is the forex market and it allows its clients to trade a multitude of currency pairs, including major, minor and exotic pairs, as per their preference.

Some of the prominent features of Pibexa that can help you determine its status are:

Sterling Security Measures

You can decide whether to trust a broker or not simply by taking a look at their security features. If they don’t take the security of their clients seriously, then there is a strong chance that they are not genuine and are in it for making a quick buck. Every registered and licensed broker will have some solid security measures and this is exactly what you will discover when you take a look at Pibexa. Their aim is to assure their clients that their funds and their information is safe with them.

To start with, Pibexa encrypts every single piece of information and uses advanced technologies for protection against cyberattacks. The security of their trading platform is further strengthened due to their compliance with the Know Your Customer (KYC) and the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. The reason for implementing these policies is to prevent the broker’s trading platform from being used for money laundering or any other illegal activities.

These policies require traders to submit documents for giving proof of identity and proof of address, thereby ensuring that only legitimate accounts can be made on their trading platform. Traders are asked to submit a government-issued form of ID to Pibexa, such as national ID card, driver’s license or passport. This verifies their identity and for proof of address, traders have to provide a utility bill, like water, gas or electricity, or a bank statement. This prevents hackers, scammers and other kinds of criminals from getting access to the broker’s platform.

Apart from that, Pibexa has also taken advantage of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security measures for encrypting every bit of information shared on their platform. This includes all sensitive information shared by traders, including their personal and financial data. It allows traders to go on trading with complete and utter confidence and not have to worry about the security of their information. Moving on, the broker also follows the rules of account segregation i.e. they keep customers’ accounts separate from their own to prevent any discrepancies.

Easily Accessible and Intuitive Trading Platform

The entire purpose of signing up with brokers is to gain access to their trading platform and the tools they offer. No two trading platforms are the same due to which it is a good idea to see what you will be getting when you select a broker. Pibexa doesn’t disappoint its customers because easy accessibility was their goal when they were developing their trading platform. They have provided their clients with a user-friendly and intuitive trading platform that doesn’t involve the hassle of downloading and installation. It is a web-based trading platform that can be used on any device that supports a browser.

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To access the trading platform, you just have to access Pibexa’s website and you will be good to go. The trading platform is powered by cutting edge technology and delivers a smooth trading experience through one-click trading and quick trade execution. An array of trading tools have been added to the platform, including advanced charting tools, trading signals and alerts, latest market news and an array of order types for risk management.

But, Pibexa doesn’t restrict its offerings to just a web-based trading platform. They have also developed mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets to allow their traders flexibility in their trading. The apps can be downloaded in a few minutes and allow traders to access their trading accounts on the move. No matter where you are, you can easily check your account and take advantage of the smallest price movements in the market.

Variety of Currency Pairs

When there are thousands of currency pairs in the market, it can be frustrating for traders to be limited to a handful of options. It can turn out to be stifling when you know there are options in the market, but they are not available to you because you haven’t chosen the right broker. You will have no such problem when you go with Pibexa because the broker has made a lot of effort to add a horde of currency pairs to their asset index.

With the choices that are available on the broker’s trading platform, you can expand your investment portfolio as much as you like.You can find stable currencies that are referred to as major currency pairs, along with minor ones that are not so stable. Pibexa has also added exotic currency pairs, which are highly volatile, and can give solid returns, as long as you trade them the right way.

Diverse Account Types

A lot of brokers in the market make it tough for traders to use their services because they have inflexible account types and high deposit requirements. Luckily, this is not the case with Pibexabecause this broker has developed four diverse account types for its clients. Each of these account types come with their share of unique features and have quite reasonable deposit requirements to suit every trader. Let’s take a look at each account type:

Silver Account

Pibexa’s first account offering, which has been developed for newbies in the trading world, is called the Silver account and has a minimum deposit of €250. It carries the least risk and is a good option when you want to test the waters. Traders who sign up for this account get access to e-books provided by the broker and they can also access the Academy where educational resources are available. They can increase their investment to as much as €999, if they prefer.

Gold Account

This is a step up from the Silver account and has been designed for intermediate traders with some experience in the market. You can start with an initial deposit of €1,000 for this account and it will provide you with features of the Silver account. The best addition you will find in this account is that of a dedicated account manager who can provide you with guidance about how to expand your portfolio and make the most of your investment. Your investment can go as high as €4,999 when you opt for this account.

Platinum Account

Seasoned and skilled traders who don’t mind taking risks can go with Pibexa’s Platinum account that has a minimum deposit requirement of €5,000. With this account, they will be able to unlock multiple features that can come in handy, such as no withdrawal fee. They also get trading signals that can be useful and can tap into the expertise of a senior account manager. There is also interest offered on deposits under this account, which increases your profits and you also get a 100% bonus on your account balance. The highest amount that can be invested through this account is €34,999.

Diamond Account

The last account option that Pibexa has developed for its traders is referred to as the Diamond account and it is for VIP and professional traders with greater trading requirements. Therefore, the initial deposit requirement is set at €35,000, but there is no limit to the amount that can be invested. Traders are given access to the broker’s full educational resources and they can also make deposits and withdrawals through MasterCard. Expert analyst trading sessions can also be attended and traders also receive first-rate contract options to help them maximize their returns.

Round the Clock Customer Support

Most of the brokers operating in the market don’t understand the importance of providing customer support to their clients, but Pibexa has not made this mistake. It fully understands that the experience of its clients can depend a great deal on the kind of support they receive. Consequently, they have incorporated round the clock customer support on their platform via various channels, allowing traders to choose one that is convenient to them. This provides traders assurance that they can reach out to someone for help at any time during the day or night, whenever they may have problems.

It is possible to get in touch with customer representatives of Pibexa via the phone number they have listed on their website or the email address provided. There is also a Contact Us form that can be completed and sent to their agents. An FAQ section also exists for answering common questions that traders may have.

Final Verdict

Put all of these features together and it becomes abundantly clear that Pibexa is a legitimate brokerage and not one of the scams in the market. 

By Hassan Raza - November 17, 2021

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