Pandemic Productivity: Style your curtains with these 3 cool ideas

Pandemic Productivity: Style your curtains with these 3 cool ideas By Qatar Day - August 08, 2021
Styling curtains at home

Style your curtains

When it comes to home decor, there are some things that instantly make a room look cosier, warmer and brighter. Some such things include wallpaper, accessories and personal touches. One such important and indispensable home decor item are curtains. Curtains apart from providing privacy, also highlight the height of a room and give a nice frame to the shape of the windows. 

The right texture, colour and styling of the curtains can do wonders for any room. So have a look at some clever and creative ideas to style your curtains and make your home look elite, chic and sophisticated. 

1. Adding a rope curtain tieback can instantly make your curtains look neat and aesthetic. These tiebacks not only give a sophisticated look to the curtains but also make sure that you get plenty of sunlight in your room during the day. 

2. Another clever way of styling the curtains is using double curtains. The inside curtains can be sheer and transparent that will give a soft and elite look and the outside curtains can be thick and opaque to provide privacy.

3. Curtains can also be used to separate one area from another. They can be used to divide, for example, the living room and the corridor that leads to the bedrooms, to offer privacy and a neat transition between different spaces of the house.

By Qatar Day - August 08, 2021

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