NMoQ Invites Everyone To Join Qatar National Day Activities

NMoQ Invites Everyone To Join Qatar National Day Activities By Jiny - December 14, 2023
NMoQ Invites Everyone To Join Qatar National Day Activities

NMoQ welcomes the public to explore the activities organized for Qatar National Day

The NMoQ welcomes everyone to explore a range of activities scheduled for Qatar National Day, presenting an annual event highlighting the diverse Qatari culture and heritage. Named The Journey Begins Here, these events cater to locals and tourists, featuring coffee traditions, dynamic culinary encounters, and heritage art workshops. These endeavors aim to instill an appreciation for history while embracing a future of unity and peace.

The Qatar National Day activities at NMoQ are set to occur on December 15 and 16, from 3 pm to 7 pm, situated at the Baraha and Lagoon areas. Here are the main stations and activities:

Welcome Reception: This station aims to warmly greet visitors, offering information, traditional beverages, and sweets that embody the essence of the event. Additionally, visitors can witness a demonstration on crafting Arabic coffee.

 Culinary Center: Highlighting food and culinary traditions, this station allows visitors to immerse themselves in Qatari heritage through various senses. Attendees can savor traditional Qatari food fresh from the oven and experience live cooking demonstrations.

 Interactive Corner: Live demonstrations provide visitors with opportunities to explore arts and crafts associated with Qatari heritage and culture, such as Hair Braiding, Henna Design, and Mashmoom Necklace crafting.

Photo Lounge: Visitors are encouraged to capture memorable moments through various options, including an Up-Side Down Majlis by the Museum of Illusion and the chance to wear traditional attire and be photographed by a professional.

 Art and Craft: Renowned local artists will lead creative sessions that blend tradition with contemporary influences. Visitors can engage with these artists and participate in creative dialogues.

By Jiny - December 14, 2023

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