MoI to set up new police institute for women

MoI to set up new police institute for women By Atif Ansari - January 27, 2022

Qatar Women's Police

Doha: According to a Ministry of Interior official, a new Women's Police Institute will be established soon.

"The Police College will soon establish a women's Police Institute as part of its transformation into an academy by next year. Lieutenant-Colonel Dr Jabr Hammoud al-Nuaimi, Assistant Director-General of the Police College, said, "It will be under the new academy."

Speaking to Qatar Radio today, he said that “we have plans to soon announce the Police Academy and its administrative components, including the Police College, the Center for Research and Security Studies, the Police Institute and the Police Officers Institute, and establishment of a new Women’s Police Institute and the College of Graduate Studies, which will offer two master’s programmes in Law and Security Studies.”

Earlier the Director-General of the Police College said that the College’s new headquarters is 90 percent ready and will be handed over by August this year.

By Atif Ansari - January 27, 2022

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