MoI to detect delivery motorcyclists' non-adherence to using right lane from Jan 15

MoI to detect delivery motorcyclists' non-adherence to using right lane from Jan 15 By A Robin - January 07, 2024
Delivery motorcyclist

Delivery motorcyclist

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has announced that it will embark on monitoring the non-adherence of delivery motorcyclists to use the right lane of roads starting from Jan 15.

The decision comes within the constant efforts dedicated to reinforcing security and safety on roads and applying the best measures and practices to reduce traffic accidents, as well as fatalities and traumas arising from these accidents, MoI outlined in a statement.

It has been decided to compel motorcyclists who deliver orders to use the right lane of roads, except for intersections, roundabouts, and crossroads within the scope of 300 meters of them, said Director of the Traffic Awareness Department, Brig Gen Jassim Nasser Al Humaidi.

Brig Gen Al Humaidi added that these violations will be monitored through the applied traffic monitoring systems and traffic patrols starting from Jan 15, pointing out that the decision comes based on the traffic law which permitted the licensed authority to either ban or determine the use of roads or any part of them for all vehicles.

The decision comes in alignment with the MoI's fourth strategic objective that aims to achieve security and safety on roads, in addition to reducing fatalities arising from traffic accidents, Brig Gen Al Humaidi elucidated, pointing out that such measures help enhance safety on roads and promote traffic system, as well as explore solutions and aims required to reduce critical traumas and fatalities due to traffic accidents in Qatar and bolster protection of motorcyclists using these roads.

The General Directorate of Traffic has, so far, convened a meeting with representatives of delivery companies operating in the state to outline the demerits of motorcycle boxes used for delivering orders that do not conform to the required technical standards and specifications.

The General Directorate of Traffic stressed that it will never hesitate to enforce the law about the technical requirements that compel delivery motorcyclists to protect lives and property.

By A Robin - January 07, 2024

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