Mahaseel Festival to begin on Thursday

Mahaseel Festival to begin on Thursday By Christina Elizabeth - January 17, 2023
Mahaseel Festival to begin on Thursday

Mahaseel Festival to begin on Thursday

Mahaseel means ‘Harvest’ in arabic. This annual harvest festival will help local home grown farm produce reach a more commercial stage. Katara Cultural Village Foundation will host the farmer’s market model from January 19th to January 28th. 

Today a growing number of people want fresh, local food, or what could be called "food less traveled."

Many communities are trying to encourage smaller family farms to participate in farmers' markets for a variety of reasons. Access to fresh local foods, the chance for non-farm neighbors to reconnect with agriculture and those that grow their food, and the preservation of agricultural green space are common examples of the benefits to a community.

The Mahaseel markers were a huge hit in the past, as it not only encourages local produce, but it also pushes the idea of a fresh and organic diet. 

“Mahaseel received around 50,000 supplies over the past three years, and received approximately 5.5 million kgs of local produce per month, during peak times. The company receives vegetables of different grades, following the technical specifications approved by the Ministry of Municipality, and published on the company's website,” said a statement from the company. Last year, the sixth edition of the Mahaseel Festival had featured 39 companies including 25 local farms, seven poultry, meat, and dairy producers, and seven nurseries.

Shoppers reportedly love the idea of shopping for vegetables, fruits and other eateries in a more earthy atmosphere. Consumers in growing numbers want an experience that they can not find in the grocery store. A farmers' market provides a social outing for the customer; it is a place where friends go to shop. 


Deciding what to bring to market is a fundamental aspect of appealing to the customer. Research has shown vegetables are the most demanded products at a farmers' market. Growers can provide the highest quality, freshest food with low transportation costs due to generally close proximity to a market. The key to specializing in vegetables is to grow a wide variety of crops, with strong associated demand, high volume per acre, and with staggered planting dates to lengthen the harvest season.

The Mahaseel festival will end on the 28th of January, however, the Mahaseela markets will be functioning on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 


By Christina Elizabeth - January 17, 2023

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