Laws Against Illegal Drug Abuse In Qatar

Laws Against Illegal Drug Abuse In Qatar By Naveed - February 08, 2024
Laws Against Illegal Drug Abuse In Qatar

Drug Abuse.

Qatar has enforced severe penalties for the possession, use, and trafficking of illegal drugs. If found guilty of these crimes, the punishments are severe jail time and hefty fines, which are typically followed by deportation. The possible range of fines is QR 200,000 to approximately QR 500,000. Moreover, selling drugs may result in a death sentence.

When it comes to the harsh drug laws in Qatar, the authorities do not make any exceptions at all, and even an expat's embassy will not be able to intervene if they are found dealing with illegal drugs.

Like all other airports worldwide, Hamad International Airport will scan the luggage of visitors entering Qatar. Physical searches are the exception rather than the rule, though the luggage may be examined if the authorities have any suspicions.

Laws against drug trading in Qatar

Article 1, Law No. 9 on Control and Regulation of Narcotic Drugs and Dangerous Psychotropic Substances: Qatar strictly prohibits the import, export, production, manufacture, cultivation, ownership, acquisition, possession, trafficking, buying, selling, transferring, delivering, and receipt of narcotic substances or plants, or dangerous psychotropic substances.

Article 34: Anyone exporting or importing drugs or psychotropic substances with the intention of trafficking will face execution or life imprisonment. The person will also be fined between QR 300,000 and QR 500,000. 

Article 35: Anyone possessing, buying, or selling drugs for trade purposes will be jailed for at least 10 years, but not more than 20 years, and will also be fined between QR 200,000 and QR 400,000.

Who to contact for any drug-related issues in Qatar

You can reach the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at +974 234 7000 for any drug-related matters in Qatar.

Where in Qatar can one seek treatment for substance abuse issues?

Naufar, which is a division of the Ministry of Public Health, can assist you if you require assistance with substance abuse. Located in Doha, Naufar is a state-of-the-art new wellness center that treats behavioral disorders associated with substance abuse. In a purpose-built facility with 127 residential rooms, clinics, and more than 50 individual and group therapy rooms, care is given by specialists in mental health, physical health, occupational health, and addiction.

By Naveed - February 08, 2024

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