International politicians and writers denounce smear campaigns against Qatar

International politicians and writers denounce smear campaigns against Qatar By A Robin - November 03, 2022
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Politicians, writers and media professionals in international media have denounced the slander, lies and distortion campaigns that Qatar has been subjected to since wining the organization of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the latest of which was the provocative and irresponsible statements of the German Interior Minister against Qatar hosting the tournament, on allegations of non-compliance with sustainability standards and human rights.

Politicians and writers said, in articles and tweets, in response to the slander against Qatar that the reforms achieved by Qatar are praised by the United Nations, the International Labor Organization and other international organizations, which have repeatedly affirmed that Qatar has fulfilled its obligations regarding workers' rights and granted them more freedom and protection, and provided more options for employers.

They pointed out that since wining the organization the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Qatar has faced fierce and unjustified criticism, especially with regard to the rights of migrant workers, but despite this, it has achieved many important reforms that focused on workers' rights and social laws to protect foreign workers, and ensure their access to a fair wage and ensuring their safety.

They accused those behind these false campaigns, which come exclusively from the West, by hypocrisy, calling on them to focus on their real problems,

They also called on those who claim that Qatar is an enemy of the environment to be objective because Western countries are responsible for 80% of carbon emissions. 

As for those who speak about the conditions of workers, let them look at the reforms that Qatar has achieved in this field, they added.

For his part, former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said, through his official account on Twitter: "The United Nations and the International Labor Organization praise every day the reforms achieved by Qatar, and only Germans criticize them every day. It is German arrogance towards Qatar."

The German politician, who held several ministerial positions and was a deputy to the German Federal Chancellor and a member of the German Parliament, added: "We previously mistreated and housed our migrant workers in Germany, and it took a long time until Germany became a liberal country, and progress never comes overnight, and it comes step by step".

For his part, Martin Buxant, Director of news at Belgian TV LN24, said that in light of the tensions the world is witnessing from the Russian-Ukrainian war, the exacerbation of international instability and the collapse of companies, key ministers in the Belgian government are meeting to determine whether a member of the government will be sent and perhaps the ruler himself, to attend the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 or not.

Buxant added that the members of the government are divided between a team that proposes sending the prime minister to Doha if the Belgian team reaches the semi-finals, sending the ruler himself if the team reaches the final, and only sending a diplomat for the rest of the matches, and between others that calls for the need for none to go to Doha even if the team reaches final stages.

He said: "What is disturbing about this controversy is that we have been attacking Qatar for months and at the same time begging for gas from it to be able to heat and turn on the lights during the winter, which indicates that this controversy is a form of hypocrisy, especially when we realize that 15 percent of our country's imports of gas are coming from Qatar, and that the volume of economic exchanges between Qatar and Belgium last year amounted to 300 million euros, and as for those who say that Qatar is an enemy of the environment, they must show some humility, because Western countries are responsible for 80% of carbon emissions, and as for the conditions of workers, Qatar has announced reforms in this area, and we have to focus on our real problems."

As for the Spanish newspaper, El Debate, it criticized the decision of the mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau, to refrain from displaying screens in the city's streets to follow the matches of the Spanish national team in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, claiming that Qatar is a "dictator country".

The newspaper said: "We do not remember any condemnation of Colau nor any ban of screens in the streets of her city when the World Cup was held in Russia, which at that time controlled Crimea and Georgia, Colau's hypocrisy prevents her from admitting that her separatist streak prevents her from agreeing to the freedom of her citizens to celebrate the goals of the Spanish national team." 

For his part, the American writer Ivan Sascha Sheehan, in an article published by the American "International Policy Digest" website, said that the State of Qatar, since it received the honor of organizing the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, has faced fierce and often unjustified criticism, noting in this regard what had been lately stated in the speech of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, regarding Qatar's exposure to an unprecedented campaign that no host country has been subjected to, a campaign that Qatar initially dealt with in good faith, and even considered that some positive and useful criticism could help develop some aspects that need to be developed, but it turned out that the campaign continues and expands and includes fabrications and double standards until it reached such ferocity that many wondered about the real reasons and motives behind it.

In his article entitled "Is Qatar Being Unfairly Maligned", the American writer said: "In a matter of days, Qatar will become the first Middle Eastern country to host the World Cup","many in the Arab world see something more profound, a unique opportunity for the Middle East to cast itself as fresh and exciting, and to be viewed through a new lens".

The writer pointed out that one of the attacks on the State of Qatar was related to its treatment of foreign workers, as critics believe that workers 'wages are low and their conditions are very difficult, but in fact important reforms have been implemented that focused on workers' rights and social laws to protect foreign workers, ensure that they receive a fair wage and ensure their safety.

Shaheen reported the speech of ILO Director-General Guy Ryder:" "By introducing these significant changes, Qatar has delivered on a commitment, one that will give workers more freedom and protection, and employers more choice".

"The investments in human capital necessary to pull off Qatars ambitious infrastructure development. There was virtually no room for error. In addition to the elaborate stadiums constructed for four weeks of play, the nation established a new rapid transit system with 37 railway stops consisting of underground and elevated tracks, invested in highway and airport expansions, and built new hotels, residential high-rise buildings, bridges, and water treatment plants," the article continued.

"When the referees blow their whistles shortly after sunset on November 20, 60,000 spectators in Al Bayt Stadium will join 3.5 billion excited soccer fans in 200 countries around the world. At that point, Dohas detractors will rightly have a difficult time breaking through the noise.,"the American writer said, concluding his article.

In turn, British writer David Harding, in an article in the British newspaper "Independent", noted what was stated in the speech of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, saying that these words of HH the Amir received great admiration inside and outside Qatar, especially in many countries and regions that reject criticism of Qatar, which comes almost exclusively from the West, pointing out that there is great anticipation around the world for the World Cup without attention to the surrounding politics. 

By A Robin - November 03, 2022

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