Interesting Facts About Qatar

Interesting Facts About Qatar By Ranya Hadji - November 24, 2022
Interesting Facts About Qatar

Doha Skyline

Qatar is in the spotlight because it will host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, but it is not a country that usually makes headlines. What do individuals actually know about Qatar? 
We gave it some thought, and for you, we came up with these 9 facts to get you started.

1.    Robotic Jockeys For Camel Race
One of the most popular sports in the Middle East is camel racing, which draws spectators from around the globe and it is also the most well-liked excursion in Doha, which are no longer the same. Children were once utilized as camel jockeys, but this practice was later outlawed since it was so dangerous. The nation started deploying robotic camel jockeys for the sport in 2004. Children have been replaced by robots, which have spread like wildfire throughout the world

2.     World’s Safest Country
Are you considering a trip to Qatar? You will be excited by the following statement that is about to be made, which is the fact that Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world. It outperforms nations like Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong in terms of crime rates. The nation is strong and capable of withstanding all types of catastrophes, including earthquakes and tsunamis. Given that disasters are thought to have a.1% chance of occurring, the concept that one might occur is exceedingly uncommon. So go ahead and have the perfect vacation in the safest nation on earth.

3.    A Significant Investment in the UK
Qatar has made significant investments in London—about £40 billion, to be exact. Every Londoner would be astounded to learn that the nation had made a big investment. Its investments range from Harrods and Chelsea Barracks to the Olympic Village and a stake in Canary Wharf, and it owns nearly 95% of the Shard. Qatar has made significant real estate investments and has set investment goals for the next three to five years, so it is not yet finished.

4.    Qataris make up just 12% of the nation’s population

The fact that expats adore Qatar is one of its best-known characteristics. In order to benefit from the beautiful weather, the relaxed way of life, and the tax-free salaries, many individuals go to the country. 
There are around two million expats living in Qatar due to how well-liked the country is among them. According to this statistic, Qataris themselves are currently the minority. Qatar has developed into a melting pot of various ethnicities and traditions while only making up 12 percent of the entire population.

5.    It is a one of the only countries where the sea meets the desert
Being one of the few spots in the world where the sea and the desert meet is one of Qatar's more intriguing facts. Although the vast sand dunes in the nation are a sight to behold, Khor Al-Adaid is an entirely different tale. 
The region, commonly referred to as the Inland Sea, was designated a natural reserve in 2007. The area has a rich environment, some marine species that are in danger of extinction, and camels that are grazing nearby. There are numerous cultural and archaeological sites to discover in Khor

6. Doha has the longest continuous cycle path in the world

In the State of Qatar, the Public Works Authority, or "Ashghal," recently broke two new world records. 
For bikers, choosing the best route might be a difficult issue. The length and smoothness are the two key elements of a superb bike path. 
Some would say that Ashghal succeeded in building a fantastic route with their first record-breaking feat, the longest continuous cycle path in the world. 
The path was 7 meters (22.96 feet) broad and 32.869 kms (20,4 miles) long. 
Additionally, Ashghal broke a record for the longest asphalt concrete piece ever laid continuously, measuring 25.275 km (15.7 miles). 
The route allows cyclists to travel at a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

7. Qatar is currently the second flattest country in the world
Although you may have noticed that the nation is rather flat, you may not have realized just how flat it is. With its highest point of 338 feet above sea level, it is the second flattest nation in the world.Only the Maldives is flatter, with a high point of six feet. It’s good news for cyclists and runners, bad news for hikers.

8. The people of Al Khor were the 1st in the world to produce purple shellfish dye, hence the name Purple Island

The breathtaking Al Khor Island, which is in Qatar's north, is a haven for history and environment enthusiasts because it has the only archaeological site in the nation that dates back to the second millennium BC. One of the many things archaeologists learned was that the region, known as Purple Island, was the first in the world to make purple shellfish dye, which was used throughout antiquity due to its durable color.

9.    The Qatari flag is distinctive and meaningful

No matter where you go in Qatar, you'll see their flag flying nearly everywhere. The flag is beautiful to look at, but it also means a lot. 
The incorporation of Qatar as the ninth member of the United Emirates under the terms of a 1916 treaty signed with the British is symbolized by the nine serrated edges. 
The maroon hue is known as Qatar maroon or Pantone 1955 C, and it symbolizes the Al Khor Island purple dye industry. The flag is distinctive as the only flag in the world that is twice as wide as it is tall.

By Ranya Hadji - November 24, 2022

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