Historical Artifacts in Souq Waqif Attract a lot of Attention

Historical Artifacts in Souq Waqif Attract a lot of Attention By Aulia Silva - November 30, 2022
Historical Artifacts in Souq Waqif Attract a lot of Attention

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is witnessing a large turnout from the fans participating in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the market and buy heritage items and souvenirs to document their visit to Qatar.
The market's streets and alleys grew into a daily carnival that brings together various nationalities from worldwide, especially lovers of ancient heritage areas, as they are attracted by antiques and collectibles. These collectibles include 3D models of Qatar's historical landmarks like towers and castles, Qatari heritage like camels and horses, those relating to majlises, and Islamic household items such as buckets, incense burners, and utensils.
There are many other heritage items such as swords, daggers, and rosaries, that introduce international fans to the State of Qatar's history, culture and heritage.
Zayed Awad, owner of a heritage collectibles store in Souq Waqif, told Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the World Cup fans are mostly attracted to collectibles and souvenirs on which the name of the State of Qatar is written. These collectibles, for example, are models of towers or the lighthouse, and the fans make sure that the name of Qatar is written on these collectibles to remain a life-time memoir of their journey to attend the tournament, he said.
Jamal Abdullah, owner of a shop in Souq Waqif, told QNA that the gutra and Arabic aqel ropes are among the items that top fans' attractions in Souq Waqif, with visitors keen to take photos of themselves while wearing them in the market, during their tours across Qatar, and at stadiums.
Fans of the World Cup teams are fascinated by old and diverse collectibles in the market, especially perfectly made handicrafts upon which the names of Qatar and Doha are written, he added.
Saber Al Jarboui told QNA that many World Cup fans who come to Souq Waqif are keen to buy 3D models of swords, daggers, camels, lanterns and dishes, all of which are hand-crafted Qatari heritage items. He explained that they all document the life and history of the people of Qatar and the Qatari environment, and fans prefer to keep them.


By Aulia Silva - November 30, 2022

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