Exception Requests for Admission to Government Schools Next Week

Exception Requests for Admission to Government Schools Next Week By Iman Abdalla - May 18, 2022

MOEHE: Submitting Exception Requests for Children of Parents working in Private Sectors, Next Sunday

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced that exception requests for admission at government schools for children of residents working in the private sector for the 2022-2023 academic year will be made available from May 22- June 5, 2022.

To apply, the student's guardians must submit the required documents, including the student's birth certificate, student and guardian's passport, and the latest school certificate, a certificate issued by the employer to the parent stating the total salary, and a three-month bank statement issued before submitting the application, and a home rent contract. 

If applicable, other documents should be submitted based on individual circumstances, such as an authentic dependency certificate by a legal authority, a divorce certificate, and a disability report for hearing or visual impairment (if any).

Parents with a Qatar ID must log in to the service, and they will be guided on how to submit the documents mentioned above as per the user guide. 

As for those seeking exception requests for children of Syrians and Yemenis working in the private sector, an application can be made directly by entering the passport details, and they are exempted. They do not have to log in to the service.

Submitting the application can be done by visiting the MOEHE Public Service Portal

By Iman Abdalla - May 18, 2022

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