Egyptian Lawyers in Qatar

Egyptian Lawyers in Qatar By Abinaya Rajagopal - June 14, 2024
Egyptian Lawyers in Qatar

Qatar, a burgeoning hub in the Middle East, boasts a dynamic economy and an ever-growing legal landscape. Among the notable professionals shaping this field are Egyptian lawyers and law firms. 

These legal experts bring a wealth of experience, bridging the gap between Egyptian and Qatari legal systems while offering invaluable services to a diverse clientele. This article explores the role, contributions, and significance of Egyptian lawyers and law firms operating in Qatar.

Key Law Firms and Practitioners

Several prominent Egyptian law firms and practitioners have established a strong presence in Qatar, contributing significantly to the legal field. Notable names include:

Al Sulaiti Law Firm 

Established by prominent legal expert Mubarak Al-Sulaiti, this firm includes Egyptian lawyers specializing in various legal sectors including corporate law, labor law, and commercial disputes.

Phone: 4466 4066
Location: Doha Tower, 22nd Floor Corniche St, Doha

Al Khalifa Law Firm 

With a strong focus on corporate and commercial law, this firm includes Egyptian lawyers experienced in handling complex legal matters and providing strategic legal advice to clients.

Phone: 4442 3377
Location: 11 Haloul, Doha

Essa Al Sulaiti Law Firm 

A top-tier law firm in Qatar known for its comprehensive legal services, including corporate law, commercial disputes, real estate, and arbitration. The firm is recognized for its high standards and the significant contributions of its Egyptian lawyers.

Phone: 4447 1555
Location: Building 8, 980 Al Mansour St, Doha

Rashid Raja Al Marri Law Firm

Known for its expertise in commercial law, corporate law, and litigation, this firm employs several Egyptian lawyers who contribute significantly to its diverse legal practice.

Phone: 4442 0670
Location: 36 Grand Hammad St, Doha

Sharq Law Firm

A prominent firm in Qatar, Sharq Law Firm includes Egyptian lawyers who specialize in corporate law, commercial litigation, and regulatory compliance.

Phone: 4021 2444
Location: Alfardan Office Tower, Level 22nd, Al Funduq St, Doha

Gulf Legal Consultants - Dr. Jumah Nasser Al Kaabi Law Firm 

This firm employs Egyptian lawyers who bring extensive expertise in areas such as corporate law, real estate, and dispute resolution, providing high-quality legal services to a broad clientele.

Phone: 4433 7777
Location: Floor 3, Katara Hospitality Building Marina District, Lusail City, Lusail

Rouhani & Co Law Firm 

Known for its comprehensive legal services, Rouhani & Co employs Egyptian lawyers who specialize in corporate law, commercial disputes, and arbitration, ensuring effective legal representation for their clients.

Phone: 4442 5815
Location: Behind Gulf Times? Al Hilal, 960, Hassan Bin Thabit Street, C Ring Rd, Doha

Egyptian lawyers and law firms have carved out a niche for themselves in Qatar’s vibrant legal market. Their comprehensive legal expertise, adaptability, and commitment to excellence have positioned them as key players in the region. 

As Qatar continues to grow and evolve, the role of Egyptian legal professionals will undoubtedly remain pivotal, fostering strong legal frameworks and contributing to the overall development of the Qatari legal system.

Whether for businesses seeking legal counsel, expatriates in need of personal legal services, or international firms navigating local laws, Egyptian lawyers in Qatar offer unparalleled proficiency and dedication, making them indispensable to the country's legal landscape.

By Abinaya Rajagopal - June 14, 2024

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