Education Ministry introduces app for 15 digital services

Education Ministry introduces app for 15 digital services By Fathimath Nasli - January 14, 2024
Education Ministry introduces app for 15 digital services

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education launches the “Maarif” application

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) has introduced a mobile app, named 'Maarif,' aimed at providing various services to students, parents, and schools.

The app encompasses 15 services, including certificate issuance, exam results, e-registration for government schools, adult student registration, additional services for registration and transfer, textbook and transportation fees, adult education registration fees, purchase of items for adult education, school certificate equivalency, certificate verification, compulsory education platform, prior approval for higher education, and university equivalency certificates.

This comprehensive electronic gateway consolidates MoEHE's services, reflecting the ministry's commitment to keeping up with digital advancements and providing innovative solutions to meet diverse user needs. The app aligns with MoEHE's vision of enhancing communication and delivering contemporary services to society.

The "Maarif" app categorizes its services to cater to different user groups, ensuring user-friendly navigation and optimizing the benefits of features like smart search and direct access to frequently used services. Notably, the app includes a notification service for swift and direct communication between the Ministry and the public.

Mona Salem Al Fadhli, the Director of the Information Systems Department at MoEHE, highlighted the app's launch aligning with the continuous evolution of MoEHE's procedural automation. "Maarif" is the outcome of various digital and strategic projects, emphasizing MoEHE's commitment to making the app accessible and user-friendly for all segments of the public.

In its initial phase, the app offers 15 integrated digital services, ensuring high-quality standards and advanced technologies for service stability. The application aims to serve as a conduit connecting MoEHE with the community. 

It stands out by providing a new channel for mobile users, available on Apple, Google, and Huawei stores, attracting a broader audience that prefers mobile devices. Additional services will be introduced gradually as they become available.

Users can easily access details about specific services by clicking on the relevant service icon. For instance, the "Online Registration for Adult Education Students (Parallel Track)" service facilitates electronic registration for adult education students interested in the parallel track, streamlining the application process through the electronic portal. Subsequently, students visit the school to submit necessary documents, undergo verification, and obtain approval for registration from the school.

Source: The Peninsula

By Fathimath Nasli - January 14, 2024

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