Darb Al Saai Is Back With Hundreds Of Qatar National Day Activities In Full Swing

Darb Al Saai Is Back With Hundreds Of Qatar National Day Activities In Full Swing By Jiny - December 11, 2023
Darb Al Saai Is Back With Hundreds Of Qatar National Day Activities In Full Swing

Darb Al Saai Launches in Umm Salal: Celebrating Qatar's History for National Day 2023

Celebrating Qatar's rich history and genuine heritage, Darb Al Saai in Umm Salal commenced its activities yesterday, featuring numerous cultural events and programs to mark Qatar National Day (QND) 2023, observed annually on December 18.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with public and private partners, this 9-day event occupies a 150,000sqm area and welcomes visitors from 3pm to 11pm daily until December 18, including both citizens and expatriates.

The opening of Darb Al Saai was marked by the raising of Qatar's national flag at Flag Square, accompanied by captivating displays from military bands, horse and camel riders, and a mobile dhow. The Ministry of Culture has curated an extensive array of cultural and heritage events, including daily cultural seminars and poetry evenings held at the main theater.

The Al Adhba, a prominent feature at Darb Al Saai, offers children the chance to ride camels and explore the intricacies of desert life. Abdul Rahman Ahmed Al Badi Al Maadheed, overseeing Al Adhba and Al Muqatar events, mentioned that Al Muqatar hosts camel riding competitions, traditional folk games, and welcomes guests in the tent.

Al Bidda's segment within Darb Al Saai showcases maritime heritage, featuring the Al Bidda Council, Al Mutawa House, the Popular Café, Al Nukhadha Al Naham Majlis, Akkas Al Freej, Al Tawash, and other areas documenting Qatari maritime heritage. This section includes traditional games like tug of war, sail-snatching, and cultural contests. Additionally, there's a museum dedicated to maritime heritage.

Several entities, such as the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, exhibit wildlife and elements of the Qatari environment, displaying various plant species.

Al Shaqab, part of the Qatar Foundation, contributes to equestrian activities, emphasizing the significance of purebred Arabian horses in Qatar. Mohamed Al Khayareen, Manager of Al Shaqab's Equine Education Department, aims to foster a love for horses among younger generations, emphasizing its integral role in ancestral heritage.

The Visual Art Centre of the Ministry of Culture hosts diverse events, including art competitions, ceramic workshops, Liyuan art showcases, Arabic calligraphy workshops, caricature drawing sessions, and exhibitions on Qatari traditions. Visitors can partake in a competition to draw Qatar's landmarks along the Darb Al Saai corridor.

For children, the organizing committee offers various activities, notably the "children's track" featuring outdoor games such as driving small vehicles, playing football, and engaging in other recreational pursuits.

By Jiny - December 11, 2023

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