Bangladesh govt appreciates Qatar Charity’s relief efforts

Bangladesh govt appreciates Qatar Charity’s relief efforts By A Robin - September 22, 2022
Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity’s relief

Qatar Charity (QC) has received a letter from the Government of Bangladesh in appreciation of its humanitarian operations on Basan Char Island to support Rohingya refugees.

QC has been classified by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief at the Government of Bangladesh as one of the largest organisations that support Rohingya refugees though relief aid.

Since 2021, QC has been providing the necessary relief on the island of Bhasan Char, including food aid and other items, as the number of beneficiaries reached about 123,000 Rohingya refugees.

The Rohingya refugees on the island expressed their happiness at the relief aid that QC provides regularly to them.

One of the refugee women, Sakina, said: “There are many difficulties and problems on Bhasan Char Island, but we do not complain about a food crisis. We get food and other necessities from Qatar Charity, so we thank them and the philanthropists in Qatar.”

For his part, 55-year-old Lal Muhammad said: “I came to this remote island about two years ago, and since my arrival, I have been receiving aid from Qatar Charity, which has always supported and helped us manage our family needs.”

In a related context, the owner of Banco stated: “Qatar Charity provides us with aid regularly, so thank you to the philanthropists in Qatar and Qatar Charity. We always pray to God to reward them on our behalf for their assistance.”

QC is continuing its humanitarian assistance to the island, as it provided gas cylinders this month, benefiting 23,000 refugees, and the necessary food aid has been provided to them.

It is worth noting that Bangladesh hosts more than 1.1 million Rohingya in the camps of Cox’s Bazar and Basan Char Island. A large number of the Rohingya refugees have been benefited from QC’s programme to dig and equip more than 200 deep wells in the coastal areas to provide safe drinking water.

By A Robin - September 22, 2022

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