Awqaf Ministry introduces apps to improve cleanliness in Mosques

Awqaf Ministry introduces apps to improve cleanliness in Mosques By Fathimath Nasli - January 10, 2024
Awqaf Ministry introduces app to improve cleanliness in Mosques

App to enhance cleanliness at Mosques

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs' Engineering Affairs Department has introduced an app to facilitate the supervision of mosque cleaning operations conducted by cleaning companies, aimed at providing improved services to worshippers. 

During mosque visits, designated observers use iPads with the app to directly register remarks and violations against the cleaning companies. This information is swiftly communicated to relevant officials, enabling timely actions against non-compliant companies and ensuring adherence to contract clauses. 

Assistant Undersecretary Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwari emphasized the app's role in enhancing monitoring and enforcing agreements with cleaning service providers.

The app 'Khidmat Al Masajid' (mosque services) will generate reports and data on the daily operations of mosques, managed by cleaning companies in collaboration with the Ministry, according to Al Kuwari.

With over 2,300 mosques in Qatar serving hundreds of thousands of worshippers daily, 25 private cleaning companies work alongside 45 assigned supervisors from the Ministry to maintain cleanliness. 

The app introduction is part of an initiative to enhance mosque cleaning services, providing training for supervisors to navigate the electronic monitoring system, facilitating efficient monitoring of cleaning operations.

Al Kuwari explained that the app enables Ministry supervisors to assess company performance, record violations, and ensure contractual compliance. It documents daily field visits for mosque cleaning inspections, with a focus on supervisors and department officials during the initial phase. 

Future updates will include features for worshippers to register feedback or contribute cleaning materials.

Responding to inquiries about incorporating robots into mosque cleaning, Al Kuwari welcomed the idea if cleaning companies could offer reasonable prices for such services. 

Muhammad Youssef Al Ibrahim, Director of the Engineering Affairs Department, emphasized the app's goal of enhancing daily mosque cleaning monitoring methods to elevate cleanliness and services, ensuring mosques are well-prepared to receive worshippers. 

Presently accessible through iPads, the app is expected to include additional features for people to register feedback on cleaning companies' performances and cleaning operations. Observers record violations related to insufficient cleaning materials and poor cleaning, submitting reports for appropriate action by the concerned department.

Source: The Peninsula

By Fathimath Nasli - January 10, 2024

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