Actor Prithviraj’s ‘Kaduva’ will light up the Dubai sky

Actor Prithviraj’s ‘Kaduva’ will light up the Dubai sky By A Robin - June 28, 2022


‘Kaduva’ star is leaving no stone unturned as he readies for a 10-minute light show

One of Malayalam actor Prithviraj’s most anticipated action thrillers, ‘Kaduva’, will enjoy a spectacular reveal in Dubai on June 29 at 9pm.

The actor took to his social media to announce his big plans for his ambitious film. ‘Kaduva’s grand reveal will include a 10-minute light show aided by drones in the sky. The Dubai sky will light up with the movie’s montages as actors Prithviraj, Vivek Oberoi, Samyuktha Menon, and producer Listin cheer from the sidelines.

The actors will also interact with the local press to talk up their film which will release soon.

Directed by Shaji Kailas, ‘Kaduva’ is set in the 1990s and chronicles the long-standing and intense rivalry between a rubber planter from Kottayam and a high-ranking police officer.

Oberoi re-unites with his ‘Lucifer’ co-star Prithviraj for this high-octane thriller.

In the teasers so far, Prithviraj seems to play a larger-than-life hero with an attitude to match. Holding a cigar, he comes across as a alpha-male who will strike if prodded. He’s playing the titular Kaduvakkunel Kuruvachan.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth ...,” declares Prithviraj with a superhero swagger. He’s dressed in all white tunic and mundu, a sharp contrast to his grey scruples when it comes to taking on his enemies.

Prithviraj is one of Malayalam cinema’s most versatile talents. Just like Farhan Akthar in Bollywood, Prithviraj dons several hats. He’s a top actor, producer, director, and singer.

The UAE golden visa recipient, who considers Dubai his home, is known for being a risk-taker in Malayalam cinema. His stirring turns in films such as the searing socio-political film on religious rifts ‘Kuruthi’ and the more recent ‘Jana Gana Mana’ makes him one of South India’s biggest talents.

When he received the UAE golden visa, Prithviraj revealed that he was keen to do more work in the UAE.

“I was invited, awarded, and presented with this UAE golden visa and it is just underlining what we always knew … Dubai is our second home and in future it will be the base where Malayalam cinema networks and coordinates for all its international territories,” said Prithviraj in a previous interview with Gulf News.

It isn’t just serious films that are his forte. He was also a part of Mohanlal-starrer ‘Bro Daddy’, a film that Prithviraj directed and acted in. In the movie, he plays a young man who has to deal with a premarital pregnancy with his adoring girlfriend and deals with his quirky parents played by actors Mohanlal and Meena. Prithviraj is easily one of Kerala’s most bankable talents and he has shot several films including ‘Koode’ in this region.

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By A Robin - June 28, 2022

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